Moon Miner

The Moon, stepping stone to the galaxy!


Here is a list of our favorite links about space. We hope this list helps you. If you have suggestions about other sites to include, send email to


The NSS library is one of the richest space information resources on the web.

This study contains much valuable information.

St. Louis Space Frontier a chapter of the National Space Society 



To the red planet!

Space Farms

Space Farm, Terraforming, and Space Habitats Page
Space Farms, Terraforming, Closed Cycle Farming and Zero-g/microgravity farming.   






Moon Society

Home of the Moon Society. I recommend joining.  

Moon Miner's Manifesto Home Page

Moon Society St. Louis chapter website





Mark Prado has done an excellent job with his PERMANENT website. 

Vast amount of information from the University of Wisconsin's Fusion Techology Institute.

Website dedicated to lunar development. Contribute!

Find out more at the Artemis Project.

Large study done by NASA in 1980.

Versatile basalt products will be produced on the Moon. Here are some websites to visit.

Great deal of information about space colonization here.

Space Studies Institute.

Great website about space settlement.


The Center for Lunar Science and Exploration, landing site study

and the Lunar and Planetary Institute, of course